Grenada’s Top Delicious Dishes

Caribbeans know how to prepare a perfect, hearty meal any time of day, using fresh, local ingredients and a flair for flavor. Restaurants throughout Grenada have perfected the art of preparing tasty culinary delights for travelers with many different tastes. As an international destination, the island offers a variety of delicious cuisines for diners to enjoy.

One great place in Grenada to sample exotic and scrumptious cuisine is at at Laluna Resort’s restaurant. The restaurant’s Calabrian chef specializes in Italian cuisine as well as local delicacies. Diners have a wide variety of dishes from which to choose; from homemade Ravioli and Sea Crab Linguine to Spicy Thai Peanut Curry and Lamb, the Laluna menu spans it all.

Sea Crab Linguine at Laluna Resort Restaurant

Sea Crab Linguine, one of Chef’s specialty dishes

In addition to a broad menu to sample from, Laluna offers a special package designed especially for the culinary adventurer. The “Taste of Laluna” package allows guests to get in the kitchen with Chef Daniele Gaetano and learn his secrets to preparing delicious Italian and Caribbean dishes. During the seven night program for two, participants will learn how to make specialties including authentic Italian risotto, pizza and Italian bread – skills that will be sure to impress your friends at your next dinner party. Of course, no culinary experience would be complete without drinks, so guests are given the chance to taste and prepare Laluna-style cocktails.

Laluna Resort's Chef Daniele Gaetano

Guests participating in the “Taste of Laluna” learn Italian specialties from Chef Daniele Gaetano

If you venture off the resort for a meal or two, you must sample Grenada’s national dish of Oil Down. While the name may sound a little strange, oil down is a hearty savory stew that each cook makes slightly differently – closely guarding their secret recipe, of course. Common ingredients include chicken, salt pork, salt fish, dumplings and breadfruit in a broth. Every Thursday is local night at Laluna; if you would like to be daring and try this delicacy, please send an advance request to the chef. Standard local night dishes include lambie (conch) salad and callaloo soup.
Grenada's National Dish: Oil Down

Oil Down, the national dish of Grenada.
Photo courtesy of Lebawit Lily Girma

Chicken wings smothered in a jerk sauce are also very popular in small eateries and cafes around Grenada, the spicier the better, washed down with pressed juice or a freshly brewed local beer. As the spice isle, Grenadian deserts often feature local flavors; nutmeg ice cream is a smooth, cooling treat that cannot be beat after a warm afternoon lounging on the beach.
What is your favorite Grenadian dish?