Traveler’s Favorite Hotel Amenities Available in Grenada

Planning a getaway in a far off location is exciting, but choosing a hotel from a distance can sometimes seem daunting. Knowing your favorite “must-have” amenities can make the task a lot easier. While the Caribbean island of Grenada offers several accommodations to choose from, only a select few feature first class services and perks. Finding a comfortable, modern and stylish hotel is the perfect beginning to a tropical escape in this exotic locale.

In a recent study, thousands of travelers were surveyed to find out what amenities they would most like to have in their hotels and resorts. Whether they are taking a journey for a romantic honeymoon, to host their destination wedding or simply looking for adventure, these individuals know what they want in regards to comfort and convenience.

Free Wi-Fi

The number one thing travelers say they need when staying on a hotel is wireless internet access. More than ever, people like to stay in touch with loved ones back home, get the latest travel updates and even answer an e-mail or two on the go. Luckily, Laluna Resort in Grenada offers complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the grounds so you can hook up your smartphones, tablets, eReaders and laptops at any time. The view of the sunset from Laluna’s lounge is breathtaking; with the resort’s Wi-Fi, guests can easily snap a photo and share the experience with their friends in real-time.

Couple enjoying romantic sunset at Laluna resort

Onsite spa

Relaxation is often the top reason people chose to vacation and escape to destinations like Grenada. To compliment their tranquil stay many travelers seek out spa treatments while on holiday, and prefer it when they can enjoy them without ever having to leave their resort.  At Laluna, you can choose from a variety of luxurious services, such as aromatherapy, pedicures and stone therapy massages.

Guests relax with a Balinese couples massage

Large wine and drink selection

The extensive wine list included at Laluna’s onsite Italian and Caribbean restaurant is perfect for those who enjoy exclusive pairings with their meals. A beautifully modern restaurant stocked with excellent wines and cocktails is another perk included on guests’ list of top amenities. Some of the wines included in Laluna’s expertly sourced cellar are delicate chardonnays, deep cabernet sauvignons and fun, fruity roses. Romance is in the air at the resort’s thatch roof, open-air restaurant; guests love to linger over a leisurely meal and a perfectly matched bottle of wine while enjoying a sensational Caribbean sunset.

Laluna Sunset Restaurant

Room service

Sometimes it can be just as nice to spend a cozy day in a spacious resort room. Many travelers answered on the survey that they enjoy the option for room service. Laluna offers many of their select dishes delivered right to your room, as well as drinks, dessert and any other items you may need during your stay.

Laluna private veranda view