Grenada Hosts Oyster Regatta

With Grenada’s white sandy beaches, warm local people, and safe anchorages, the island is known as a sailor’s dream. From the right vantage point, it is not unusual to look out one’s window to see boats racing by throughout the year. Recently a special regatta made its way to the island; for the second time in less than three years, the Oyster Regatta came to Grenada.

Oyster Regatta Racing

Image courtesy of: Ingrid Abery

Known world-wide as an international leader of world-class cruising yachts, Oyster Marine yachts have been recognized for their quality, comfort, and performance since 1973. While the company has grown and the yachts have changed, their core values have remained the same: Strength, seaworthiness, and a bevy of practical, seaman like features. Throughout the years Oyster’s owner-exclusive regattas and events have become increasingly popular. This year, Grenada played host to an Oyster event: The Oyster Regata Grenada 2013.

Oyster Regatta in Grenada

Image courtesy of: Ingrid Abery

After the warm welcome laid out by Port Louis Marina – and everyone in Grenada – for the first Oyster regatta held on the island in 2011, Oyster decided to return to the island again. Hosted once more by Port Louis Marina, the Oyster fleet arrived on April 8th, 2013 to begin the event. The week’s activities included racing around the coast of the island, an overnight stop at Le Phare Bleu, and dinners and parties at some of the islands most exclusive venues, with a prize giving party and dinner at Port Louis on the final evening. For more information on the Oyster Regatta and  for results please visit the Oyster Marine site.

Laluna Resort Oyster Regatta Feast

Chef Daniele prepares a feast for the Oyster Regatta Fleet

Laluna was excited to host one of the evening events of the regatta, where guests were treated to Italian cuisine by Laluna’s Southern Italian chef Daniele, with cocktails starting at the Sunset Bar and dining outdoors under the stars. The evening was rounded off by dancing the night away with live music from the Italian musician, locally known as Barracuda.

Oyster Regatta Party

Guests partied the night away

Laluna was very pleased to take part in this prestigious event, and looks forward to many happy returns of the Oyster Fleet.