Grenada Through the Seasons

As the seasons begin to change across the world (the weather is cooling down in the States! Australia is getting ready to heat up!), the mercury barely rises or falls in Grenada. Thanks to our island’s prime location a mere 12 degrees north of the equator, we experience stable temperatures year round. The temperature typically hovers in the mid-eighties; however, Grenada experiences two seasons: “Rainy”, from June through December, and “Dry”, from January to May.

Even during the wet season the sky is rarely overcast for long, and travelers can still get prime usage of our beaches and tropical activities. There are different activities to enjoy throughout the year. Below, you will find highlights of some of our favorite things to do around the island throughout the seasons.

Winter/Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful time to visit Grenada. Twinkly trees line the Lagoon and Carenage, and traditional Christmas music mingles with festive Parang over the airways. To keep visitors from missing out on holiday traditions, Laluna’s Chef prepares holiday feasts, and Carolers visit the resort to serenade guests.

Grenada Sailing Festival

Winter is also sailing competition season in Grenada. Events including the Grenada Sailing Festival Workboat Regatta and the South Grenada Regatta are exciting to watch or participate in, and the Billfish Tournament attracts world-class anglers to the island. Each event not only features competition; there are often a number of parties and get togethers for people to participate in.


For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a visit to Levera National Park in the spring is a must-do. Starting in March, giant leatherback turtles come ashore at night to lay and bury their eggs in the same way they have done for thousands of years. Once the turtle is in it’s laying “trance”, visitors are able to approach it and watch the process, even being given the opportunity to touch the turtle. In late June and July, the hatchlings make their way to the sea.

Levera Beach Sea Turtles

With the lesser amount of rainfall in the spring, it’s a great time to hike in Grenada. Hikes to Mt. Qua Qua, Mount Saint Catherine, and the Crater Lake are an excellent way to take in the beautiful Grenadian landscape. The highest point in Grenada, Mount Saint Catherine is 2,756 feet above sea level, and is a nice half-day hike. Laluna’s helpful concierge can assist arranging transporting and the packing of a picnic lunch for the journey.


With rainy season comes an abundance of fresh produce. During the summer you will find huge avocados (known locally as “pears”), succulent mangoes (which have a variety of subtypes), water lemons (cousin to the passion fruit), and more. Fruit stands are abundant on the island, giving visitors a chance to sample the local fruits and vegetables.


Photo credit: Joshua Yetman

Summer is also Carnival Season in Grenada. The island is alive with the spirit of Spice Mas, and the different events welcome guests to the island to get in on the action. Whether you are more inclined toward late night dancing and liming, listening to calypso bands, or taking in the beautiful costumes, there is an event for every traveler to enjoy.


Spiny Lobster season begins in the fall, and you’ll see it featured on menus across the island. Our chef gets the best selection from the local lobstermen who come up on our beach to give him first pick. The season occurs during months including the letter “R” (begins in September and ends in April), and the meat from the claw-less Spiny Lobster is prized for being sweet and succulent.

Spiny Lobster of Grenada

Taste the best brews of the Caribbean at the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival in November, which has a number of activities including live culinary displays, “Rum Cocktail Wars”, live music, local crafts, and the 2013 CAB Taste Contest and the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival Golf Tournament. The Festival is a great time to have a blast while contributing to local charity, with money going towards the Queen Elizabeth Home for children.

As you can see, no matter what time you choose to visit Grenada, there is always something fun to do on the island. We hope to see you soon!