Grenada Paddleboarding: Now at Laluna Resort

Surrounded by crystal clear waters with plentiful marine life, Grenada is the ideal location to take part in a variety of water sports. From kayaking to catamaran trips to snorkeling, the island has something for everyone. At Laluna Resort, a selection of opportunities exist to get in the water and enjoy the surf. In fact, the resort recently added stand up paddleboarding to their roster of enjoyable water sports. An exciting way to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean Sea surrounding the island of Grenada, stand up paddleboarding combines a fantastic full body workout with fun and adventure.

Learn to Paddle Board at Laluna Grenada

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Paddleboarding allows adventurers to experience all that the Sea has to offer: From the beautiful views of the horizon to the flourishing sea life below the water’s surface, paddleboarders can enjoy it all from atop their board. With no waves required, paddleboarding can be done around the island regardless of surf conditions. All skill levels are welcome to try paddleboarding at Laluna. Laluna’s secluded bay makes it ideal for the sport; with limited obstacles and boat traffic, new paddleboarders can master the sport without much maneuvering and dodging required.

Explore Grenada on Paddle Board

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Tips for beginners

  • When first starting out, many find it easier to forgo standing at first and learn while kneeling on the board.
  • To get into a kneeling position, grab the rails of the board and pop yourself up into a kneeling position, just behind the center of the board. Look for the balance point of the board; you’ll have found it when the nose stays in the water and the tail doesn’t sink. You can stabilize the board by keeping your hands on either side of it.
  • After getting the hang of of things, use the rails on the paddleboard to help pop you up on the board.
  • When you’re ready to stand up, do it one foot at a time, placing your feet where your knees were.
Once you’re standing
  • Once you’ve made it up, keep your feet hip-width apart and parallel, centered between the boards rails.
  • Keeping your toes pointed forward, your knees bent and your back straight, and balance with your hips. Keep your head and shoulders upright and keep your gaze level at the horizon, shifting your weight by moving your hips.
  • To paddle: Keep the elbow of the paddle away from you. With your arms straight, twist from your torso as you paddle. When you’re starting out, keep your strokes fairly short and close alongside the board.
  • To travel in a straight line, paddle a few strokes on one side, then switch to the other.
Riding the Tide on a Stand Up Paddleboard

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Things to avoid
  • Avoid hunching. Keep your back straight and shoulders level.
  • Don’t look at your feet. Keep your eye on the horizon.
  • Avoid putting both hands on the paddle shaft. Keep your top hand at the top of the paddle, on the grip.
  • Don’t lock your knees, it’s easier to balance with bent knees.

You don’t need to pack much to enjoy paddleboarding at Laluna. Simply bring your swimsuit, sunglasses, and the sunscreen, and  the resort will take care of the rest.