Grenada named National Geographic’s ‘Best of the World 2013′

Grenada has been named as one of the twenty must-visit locations in the world for 2013 by National Geographic TravelerMentioned among exotic locations including Crimea and Raja Ampat, Grenada was given the fitting description of “Caribbean with a smile”.

As the article states “It’s one of the last truly Caribbean islands, not yet overwhelmed by resorts and cruise ship crowds. The charm of this lush island lies beyond the white-sand beach of Grand Anse and its string of hotels.”

We couldn’t have said it better. The island’s hills and coves have created a number of secret-hideaways. For instance, while Laluna Resort is less than a fifteen minute drive from the airport or downtown St. George’s, its tucked-away location would have you believe you have the island all to yourself.

Grenada may be small, but its varying geography makes a plethora of activities possible. Those that love getting back to nature can hike one of the island’s many waterfall treks, mountain bike the hills, or visit the wild monkeys at Grand Etang forest.

Mona Monkey in Grand Etang
The island is flanked by two different bodies of water – the Atlantic ocean to the east and the Caribbean Sea to the west – so as you can imagine, water sports abound. Guests can snorkel, scuba dive, fish or take a catamaran cruise around the island.

Those that prefer to unwind in the sun and enjoy a good book can relax on one of Grenada’s world-renowned beaches. As mentioned in the article, Grand Anse is a popular hang-out for travelers, but it’s the island’s bevvy of secluded beaches that are the true gems. In a bay tucked between two large beaches, the beach at Laluna offers guests a private spot to relax. With kayaks and hobie cats available to guests, visitors can take to the sea to burn off some energy or see what the neighboring beaches have to offer.

Laluna's beautiful Caribbean beach

Thanks to its near-equatorial location, the island of Grenada maintains a lush landscape throughout the year, with trees fruiting and tropical flowers blooming regardless of season. Roadside fruit and vegetable stands pepper the island, offering visitors a taste of the unique produce available on the island. Although the temperatures maintain a stable range throughout the year, Grenada does have two seasons – rainy and dry – with some produce appearing seasonally. Depending on the timing of your visit you may find water lemons (a delicious cousin to the passion fruit), the largest, creamiest avocados you’ll ever see (called “pears” by islanders), different types of mangoes (from small and fibrous to large and smooth), breadfruit (a starchy fruit often used in soups and stews) and so much more.

Grenada Breadfruit

For those wanting to try some local flavor, you can’t find a better party than Fish Friday in Gouyave (home of gold medalist Kirani James). As described in National Geographic Traveler “The weekly “Fish Friday” festival in Gouyave, Grenada’s seafood town, offers a marine taste of true Caribbean. Vendors fill the air with scents of fish cakes, shrimp, conch, and beer. Street music makes it a party, with visitors welcome. For most Grenadians, tourists are guests, not sales targets.”

Whether your interests lay in land, sea or cuisine, Laluna’s concierge services allow guests easy access to all that Grenada has to offer.