Grenada Dining: Spiny Lobster

Different than the lobster many diners are used to seeing, the Caribbean spiny lobster of Grenada is appropriately named. With no claws, giant antennae and an armor-like spiny exterior, the spiny lobster is an intimidating looking creature. Those who have eaten the local delicacy say its meat is sweeter and more tender than other lobster.

Spiny Lobster of Grenada

Spiny lobster season

To avoid over-fishing, spiny lobster has a specific season in Grenada and is not available year-round. We have an easy trick to remember when it will be available: You can purchase the lobster in months with the letter R (so, September – April). During this time period, fishermen will often sell lobster on docks and in harbors throughout the island. In fact, they often come up onto Laluna’s beach with their lobster bags for chef to personally select from.

Laluna Chef with Spiny Lobster

Enjoying spiny lobster in Grenada

Spiny lobster can grow to massive sizes; we’ve seen guests pick up lobsters up to 8 pounds. Of course, for a romantic dinner for two, a 3 to 4 pound lobster would more than suffice. With its hard, protective exterior, preparing the lobster can be a daunting task. Luckily, Laluna’s Chef is experienced with the spiny lobster, and will happily prepare your fresh-catch for you. A unique crustacean, the spiny lobster ranks as one of our “must-try” dishes when visiting Grenada.