Grenada’s Array of Natural Exports

As soon as travelers hit the sand in Grenada, they may notice the incredible scents carried in the tropical breeze. This amazing island is well-known for its flourishing spice, fruit, and flower trade, and is recognized as one of the main exporters of nutmeg worldwide. After Hurricane Ivan hit the island in 2004 and damaged many of the plants, Grenada has continued to recover and thrive, overcoming the natural adversity slowly but surely. Today, Grenada offers the world delicious and exotic items such as nutmeg, avocados, ginger lilies, and much more. While on vacation relaxing at Laluna Resort, it can be an adventure for the senses to learn more about the island’s natural foods, spices, and plants by touring nearby gardens and spice plantations.

Grenada Nutmeg

Grenada nutmeg. Image source:

Try a special spice tour

Dining in Grenada often takes on a delicious twist, as many dishes are infused with turmeric, cinnamon, clove and, of course, nutmeg. These are usually made in small batches to take advantage of the freshness of the ingredients and to create the perfect taste. Guests in Grenada interested in the process of turning plants into cooking ingredients can take spice tours through some of the more popular plantations. There is the famous Spice Garden Trail for visitors to explore, a source of nutmeg pods that are turned into jams, jellies, and some locally produced liquors.

Experience new fruit flavors and tropical flowers

Several privately owned estates in Grenada cultivate countless fruit plants and trees for aesthetic and commercial purposes. For instance, travelers can book a tour to Smithy’s Garden, which is divided into two parts of old and new. The orchard side has tons of bananas, avocados (known locally as pears), and soursop, used by the gardens and other local establishments. On the other side, take a tour of the beautiful flowers grown by the garden. The weather in Grenada is ideal for allowing fruits and flowers to grow perfectly with gentle winds, warm air, and sunny skies.

Flowers at Smithy's Garden

Lotus at Smithy’s Garden, Grenada. Image source:

Planning your expedition

There are several ways to plan an upcoming trip to Grenada that includes finding out more about spice, fruit, and other tropical flavors. One of the best ways is to let the expert staff at Laluna’s Concierge Services answer questions and plan excursions on the island. Fortunately, many of the plantations and gardens are located close to the resort to make for easy access. Laluna is also happy to recommend the tastiest restaurants to sample island dishes, as well as point guests towards the best markets for picking up spices to take home.