Give Back While in Grenada

When visiting Grenada, some travelers choose to set aside time away from the beautiful beaches and relaxing spa treatments to give back to the local community. A great opportunity for doing just that is REACH Grenada, a New York City based charity that puts an emphasis on improving the emotional and social wellbeing of abused and abandoned children by providing them and their caregivers support, training and wellness programs. Programs are designed to equip children that have been mistreated with the tools for a harmonious and hope-filled life, as well as empowering caregivers to give care for the children by giving them tools to be loving and present.
Mentor Program REACH Grenada

Mentor Program
Image source: REACH Grenada

With a number of institutional homes for abused and abandoned children, Grenada is in need of social programs such as REACH Grenada. Working with three homes, REACH’s work touches the lives of roughly 65 children and 40 caregivers. REACH works under the model of encouraging Resiliency, Empathy, (healthy) Attachments, (key) Competencies, and (overall) Health (and Wellbeing), creating the REACH acronym.

For instance, by introducing yoga training sessions, REACH Grenada has given participants useful therapeutic tools to introduce into the children’s lives. Through meditation and yoga poses, REACH Grenada has taught caregivers and members of the Child Protection Authority an alternative form of therapy to use with the children.

Karma Kids Teen Yoga Teacher Training

Karma Kids Teen Yoga Teacher Training
Image source: REACH Grenada

How REACH is growing
REACH has forged a strategic alliance with St. George’s University, and plan on continuing to grow the relationship in the coming year. Plans for 2013 include organizing a conference on trauma for internationally acclaimed scholars and therapists, putting on the first-ever island-wide training session for Child Protection Authority workers and care home staff, and enhancing the REACH Within curriculum being delivered to the children.

REACH Grenada Education

Image source: REACH Grenada

Get involved in Grenada

For travelers that like to have an involved, personal experience, REACH offers a 5 day/4 night program giving visitors the chance to contribute their energy and time enhancing and preserving a children’s home. Past projects have included building a library, painting, and planting a garden. Other daily activities may include hiking Grenada’s rainforests, river tubing, or visiting an organic cocoa farm chocolate factory. Laluna has partnered with REACH to provide participants a luxurious stay during their time on the island. For more information, or to book a voluntourism trip, contact REACH directly.

Voluntourism Participants at REACH Grenada

Voluntourism Participants 
Image source: REACH Grenada

Other ways to give back
If traveling to the Caribbean, one of the easiest ways to help REACH is through the “Stuff Your Ruck Sack” Initiative. Affiliated with, the program helps travelers make a practical difference in the lives of others. When traveling to Grenada, visitors can pack additional needed items in their luggage or carry-on.

There are many ways to give to REACH Grenada. One of the tastiest is their partnership with the raw, organic chocolate maker Gnosis Chocolate. The specially developed Gnosis “REACH Grenada” chocolate bar celebrates Grenada’s natural treasures and vibrant culture, incorporating Bali grown cacao beans with premium Grenada cacao nibs and nutmeg. All proceeds directly support REACH Grenada’s therapeutic programs in Grenada.
REACH Grenada Chocolate

REACH Grenada Chocolate
Image source: Gnosis

Of course, for those wishing to  make monetary donations directly to the program, donations can be made online via the REACH Grenada website.  For more information on how you can donate or help kids programs in Grenada, please contact Wendy Bertucci at: