Fresh Finds at St. George’s, Grenada Open-Air Market

The outdoor bazaars found throughout the Caribbean allow local fruit and vegetable farmers to bring freshly picked crops to market. Travelers who hope to get a look into this interesting cultural experience while visiting Grenada should head to Market Square. Located in the town of St. George’s, this is a central gathering place for guests and locals alike to trade and purchase goods from the island and beyond. It can be the ideal spot for unique souvenir shopping or finding some fresh foods to snack on back at the resort.

St. George's Market

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The best times to visit Market Square

Saturday mornings are the ideal time for a stroll through the market in St. George’s. This is when all the best produce, spices and trinkets are displayed and the streets are bustling with action. If travelers are interested in mingling with residents and trying out their best haggling tactics, this is the time to experience. Vendors set up in stands, under tents and from truck beds, so taking time to pursue all the stalls will give customers premium access to the best products. Guests to Grenada can reach St. George’s by public transportation, or make arrangements through their resort to have a car or taxi bring them to the market.

What to look for when shopping in Grenada

One of the first things travelers may notice is a wide variety of fruits. Due to the year-round sunny weather, produce including bananas, coconuts, papayas and more are offered at low prices at their freshest peak. Be sure to hunt down local favorites including refreshing chilled coconut water, juicy mangoes and sweet sugar apples. As the Spice Isle, bags of turmeric, clove, ginger, and the nutmeg the island is known for can be found in abundance for visitors to take home.

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