Exploring Property Investment in Grenada

People from around the world fall in love with the island of Grenada when they visit on vacation. Some truly can’t get enough of the Caribbean spirit and decide to invest in a getaway home or a permanent residence. While deciding on their new tropical home, guests in Grenada need a comfortable, centrally located place to stay. Laluna perfectly fits that need.

Where to stay while looking for property

Located in the southern area of the island, Laluna Resort features a wonderfully luxurious array of amenities and perks that will please all types of travelers. Whether guests are looking to relax, conduct business, have a romantic getaway or enjoy a trip with friends, Laluna offers the ideal escape and access to all the best parts of the island. At the resort, there are a multitude of activities to choose from, including a beachfront yoga pavilion, spa services, water sports, swimming, and more.

Laluna Resort

The pristine beach, crystal-clear Caribbean Sea, and breathtaking views of Laluna Resort often inspire visitors to explore property ownership in Grenada.

Luxury property ownership in Grenada

Even better, Laluna’s new Estate project provides travelers the opportunity to invest in an onsite villa. Giving investors the chance to return on a regular basis to their luxurious Grenadian home, the villas include property management, providing owners the opportunity to capitalize on their investment by offering it as a vacation rental. Built with beach access and incredible views of sea and sky, these villas allow for private, tropical vacations, as well as easy access to all of Laluna’s resort amenities. Boasting the same tasteful aesthetic found at Laluna Resort, travelers know what to expect after enjoying their stay at the resort.

Laluna Villa Estate

Located on a jutting peninsula, Laluna Estate offers privacy and sweeping views

Purchasing property in Grenada

Becoming a villa owner allows travelers to Grenada to make the move from tourist to islander, with less time spent on planning a trip and more time spent on enjoying the wonders of the island. Purchasing property in Grenada is a fairly straightforward process, and the experts at Laluna can help guide you through it. Laluna has arranged special tax exemptions and concessions with the government of Grenada, making the villas an ideal investment opportunity. For those interested in property investment, the staff at Laluna is happy to arrange a visit to the Estate’s available villas.

View from Laluna Villa

The ultimate in luxurious Caribbean living, the villas of Laluna Estate allow for private sunning and pool-side relaxation overlooking the sea.

For further details and pricing information on Laluna’s Villa Estate, please contact Bernardo Bertucci at  bb@laluna.com.