Explore Grenada with an Experienced Guide

With Grenada’s lush mountains, verdant rainforest, and multiple majestic waterfalls, it is an explorer’s paradise. With all of the sites to see on the island, it is sometimes in a visitor’s best interest to hire a trustworthy, experienced guide to get the most out of their trip.

Waterfall Hikes in Grenada

An Experienced Guide

Laluna’s concierge service highly recommends Lennox, a local Grenadian that has been offering tours for more than a decade. Originally from Paddock, St. George’s, Lennox’s favorite hikes are to St. Margaret’s Waterfalls (also known as the Seven Sisters, because the series of waterfalls includes seven individual falls), Concord Waterfall (whose main waterfall can be accessed from the road, with the smaller feeder waterfall within hiking distance), and Mt. Qua Qua (a trail that brings hikers to the top of a huge rock, giving a panoramic view of the town of Grenville and all of the east coast).

Lennox was recently featured in an article by the New York Times, whose author stayed at Laluna resort. Since the article published, even more guests are now requesting a guided tour by Lennox. We are proud to work with such a well-regarded, expert guide.

Lennox the Guide

What to Expect

Resort guests have been taken into the depths of the rainforest and have hiked to remote waterfalls with the guide, and always return raving about their expedition. A favorite of visitors to the island, Lennox is sure to include a pit stop at Grand Etang to feed the wild Mona monkeys. With Lennox leading the way, the highly requested rainforest trip takes guests to hard-to-find waterfalls, including Honeymoon Falls, with Lennox pointing out local flora and fauna along the way. One of Lennox’s most special hiking experiences was coming across an exotic, unknown wildflower, which he has never been able to find again.

Exotic Tropical Flower

Lennox’s Mystery Flower

While in Grenada, it is easy to pass the time away relaxing on the beach and enjoying cocktails from Laluna’s beachside Sunset Lounge. For those wanting to see a little more of the island, contact the resort’s Concierge Service to arrange a hike with Lennox.