Experience Grenada Hook, Line and Sinker

With the massive, diverse population of marine life that surrounds Grenada, fishermen and women have the chance to experience some amazing opportunities for grabbing the catch of the day. Whether travelers wish to have a leisurely trip on board a slowly drifting sailboat or prefer to pursue bigger game in deeper water, the island is the ideal location for fishing.

What types of fish swim through Grenada

Depending on location and ocean depth, there are many kinds of fish that frequent the waters of Grenada. Beginners and first timers often like to go after the blackfin tuna and el dorado species that tend to be a little smaller but still impressive. Bigger catch includes massive yellowfin tuna that can reach up to 250 pounds, or the giant blue marlin that can be close to 700 pounds at full growth. The distance from shore will determine the fisherman’s catch.¬†Offshore fish (those found in deeper waters) include blue marlin, sailfish, tuna, and mahi mahi. In-shore fish (those found closer to shore and that feed on reef marine life) include wahoo, baracuda, blackfin tuna and skipjack.

The best times to go after the larger fish is through December to June; however, the fish bite year ’round, with Mahi Mahi abundant from April to September, and Tuna and Barracuda found throughout the year. Interestingly, unlike the barracuda found in more northerly waters, the barracuda of the southern Caribbean is edible, as it is not a source of Ciguatera poisoning.

El Dorado aka Mahi Mahi

El Dorado, also known as Mahi Mahi or Dolphin

Planning your fishing excursion

There are several ways to go about a fishing adventure in Grenada. Chartered half-day or full-day excursions are the most popular options, as these allow guests to relax and stay with their line while the boat is navigated by professionals. Laluna’s Deep Sea Fishing Package allows guest to head out for a half day of sailing; this can be paired with a snorkeling excursion to maximize the time on the water.

Marlin in the seas of Grenada

Marlin in the seas of Grenada

Laluna’s Concierge will be happy to arrange for your day at sea. The half-day Deep Sea Fishing excursion offered by the resort allows guests to head out on the sea with a custom picnic lunch; when they return, Laluna’s chef will specially prepare their catch for dinner.