Departure Day: Packing for Your Grenada Destination Wedding

Wedding season is upon us! If your big day is upcoming, congratulations! For many Grenada destination wedding brides and grooms, the planning is over, and all that is left to do is pack. Here, we help take out the guesswork with our packing checklist.

what to pack

For the Ceremony

Of course, first and foremost, be sure that the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit (or sarong, or shorts, or whatever you choose to walk down the aisle in) is packed and ready to go. If your clothing requires dry cleaning, we recommend giving the cleaner a few extra days just in case. There’s nothing worse than being told your garments won’t be ready until the next morning … after your flight has already departed. Plan your ceremony footwear according to the location. Owing to the sand and the beach chic atmosphere, many Laluna brides and grooms choose to go barefoot or wear beaded sandals; it is the rare few that choose to put on a pair of heels or dress shoes.

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If your ceremony includes any family traditions or requires items to be brought from home, we recommend packing them in your carry-on luggage if possible. This way, you won’t have to worry about them at all while you fly, as you’ll know they are right by your side.

For the Reception

Many brides that select a puffy princess dress, or even those that just want to dance the night away in something a little more comfortable, choose to bring a separate reception dress or outfit. More casual in nature, this dress is lighter weight and accommodates for mingling, drinking, and having a good time.

Laluna Resort Grenada

We will take care of all of the arrangements for the food, drinks, and cake, but of course, if you have set of champagne flutes you planned on toasting with or a heirloom cake serving set, don’t forget to pack it along (and don’t forget to put the cake knife in your checked luggage).

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For the Honeymoon

It is our goal to give you the relaxed, romantic honeymoon of your dreams. There are many activities at Laluna for guests to take part in (or, you can take part in none at all. The choice is yours.) Depending on your preferences, pack a swimsuit or two; a pair of sandals; a pair of active wear shoes; yoga clothing; lightweight sundresses, shorts, and shirts; sunglasses and any other “essentials”. Don’t worry about packing towels for the beach, yoga mats, or robes for the spa—we have all of those on hand for your use. If you have a favorite sunscreen or bug spray, feel free to bring it, but if not, we have both available at the resort.

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For the Trip

The trip to Grenada is an easy one, with direct flights from Miami, Toronto, and New York. Even though you’re traveling to the tropics, the flight itself can get a little chilly, especially if you are already dressed for the warmer weather, so consider packing a pair of socks or a lightweight throw in your carry-on bag. To enter Grenada, you will only require your passport, but be sure to check with your wedding planner about other documentation required to get married on the island.

Planning Tips

We look forward to seeing you on your special day. Should you forget to pack any essential, our friendly staff will be happy to help you find a substitute.