Come Sail Away in Grenada

Gliding along the top of the crystal clear sea in Grenada can be an exciting, romantic, and relaxing way to spend time on an exotic vacation. There are countless opportunities to sail around the island, whether travelers hope to learn a new skill or indulge in a chartered trip. While plenty of professionals take their ships to tournaments in Grenada, new sailors are also welcome to navigate the waters and have a blast under the tropical sun.

Aquanauts Grenada

With a boat and expert guide, guests can find the best diving around the island. Image source:

A Grenadian nautical adventure

Depending on one’s ideal journey, a variety of sailboats can be rented and reserved throughout the island. Some are simple and require no crew, while others offer elaborate cuisine and long tours. These can be acquired at any time, whether guests want to see the sunset by sailboat or hit the seas early for fishing. Some sailboats even allow travelers to visit surrounding islands and secluded beaches for an adventurous trip. From small sun jammers for snorkeling and easy sailing to massive yachts for larger crowds, available boats range across all budgets and needs. Those with a serious interset in sailing can take a few lessons to be well on their way to becoming the captain of their own Caribbean ship.

Grenada Sailing

Sail the Caribbean Sea on a chartered boat. Image source:

Indulge in a chartered yacht experience

Laluna Resort specializes in helping customize a dream trip to Grenada. If travelers wish to incorporate a sailing excursion into their itinerary, this can easily be done through the resort’s helpful Concierge Services. Though the resort’s special partners, a full or half day chartered sailing can be arranged in the blue sea waters near Laluna. Look forward to this wonderful activity and let the accommodating boutique resort staff do all the planning for you.