Christmas Cuisine in Grenada for Foodies

While Grenadian cuisine is delicious year-round, the holiday season is a great time for foodies to experience our island flavor. From local recipes to traditional meals, food plays a major part in Laluna’s holiday traditions.

laluna Christmas statues


Sorrel, a member of the hibiscus family, grows well in Grenada. The fragrant flowers start showing up in markets in November, and you will quickly find sorrel beverages available island-wide. A delicious holiday treat, everyone has their own special sorrel drink recipe. Similar in flavor to a tropical spiced cider, sorrel drink is often made with locally grown fruit and spices including orange rind, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Sorrel drink is sweetened to the drinkers preference, and served hot or cold. Some bars offer spiked sorrel drinks, and sorrel flavored liquor may be available for mixed drinks as well.

Sorrel Drink

Image source: National Library of Jamaica

Holiday meals and treats

Christmastime is at the end of wet season, meaning that delicious, locally grown produce is abundant. Chefs utilize the fresh-caught seafood and straight-from-the-tree (or earth) fruits and vegetables to create signature Caribbean cuisine. At Laluna, we celebrate the holiday season with special menu items, in addition to our traditional guest favorites. On Christmas Eve, in addition to our regular menu, we will be offering a holiday special main course; on Christmas Day, we move the restaurant to the beach and hold our annual beach barbecue which includes a selection of meats, sides, and desserts; and Christmas Night returns to our normal menu with additional holiday specials.

Laluna celebrates Christmas day with a barbeque on the beach

Laluna celebrates Christmas day with a barbeque on the beach

World-class cuisine

At Laluna we constantly strive to bring you the best possible guest experience, food included. With that in mind, a new chef has recently joined our team. Coming from the Lake Como region in Italy, our chef has carefully tweaked the Laluna menu, keeping guest’s favorite dishes, but revamping them to make them even more delicious than ever. Under his careful tutelage, the entire kitchen staff is ready to serve you the best meals of your trip. We look forward to seeing you this holiday season.

Fresh handmade Gnocchi

Fresh handmade Gnocchi at Laluna