A Child-Free Summer Escape in Grenada

With the kids out of school for the summer, many popular vacation locations are overrun with children and their understandably frazzled parents. As parents themselves, the owners of Laluna designed the resort to be a child-free oasis for couples, allowing guests a place to get away from the every day and reconnect with each other. This summer, we encourage you to leave the kids with their grandparents, a close friend, or at camp, and escape to the tropical paradise that is Grenada. Here are some things you can look forward to:

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Sleeping in

Rather than fighting over the proper room temperature or grappling for covers and space in a bed filled with the little bodies that have snuggled in overnight, you and your spouse will have the entire king-sized bed to yourselves. Spread out, set the AC to your preferred temp, and sleep until you are ready to get up. Wake up as slowly as you like; it’s your vacation, and you’re allowed to be as indulgent as you want to be. Go ahead and order a room service breakfast and enjoy reading your book while having a cup of tea in bed—your time is your own at Laluna.

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Eating what you want

In the “real world”, allowances are regularly made to ensure that the kids are able to eat something that they enjoy (or at least that they will consume). When on a kid-free vacation, you are able to set you palate free and choose your cuisine based on personal preference. Whether you choose to stay on-resort and enjoy the phenomenal fare that blends Italian and Caribbean flavors or go off-property to try local favorites, you can do so. Enjoy a bottle of wine with dinner or rounds of your favorite cocktails. There’s no rush to get back to anyone.

eating whenever you want

No constant head counting

Going on vacation with kids can mean never-ending head counting to ensure that everyone is where they are supposed to be. This is especially true when on a vacation including water, be it the ocean or a pool. This increases the stress level, making it more difficult to relax and soak up the sun. When on your child-free vacation, the only people you need to worry about are each other and whether you need your drink topped up or if its time to head to the spa for massages.

Laluna Resort Grenada

Making your own schedule

When on a kid-free vacation, there is no need for one (or both) of you to have to miss out on fun and activities in order to ensure that the sleep schedule doesn’t take a turn for the worse. If you want to go snorkeling at two in the afternoon, you are able to do so without worrying about who will be grumpy without a full nap. If you’re not ready for dinner until eight o’clock, that’s fine, because you there is no one that needs to be in bed by a certain time.

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No babysitter required

It can be tricky to arrange a babysitter while traveling. You don’t know who to trust, or how to find the best person for the job. Plus, it can take the spontaneity out of your vacation. Without kids, you can do whatever you feel like at the drop of the hat. Want to go to the spa? Great, you can go now! Feel like hitting the water on a hobie cat? Sail away!

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An interruption-free vacation

As a small, secluded property, Laluna is designed with romance in mind. We make it our goal to provide an intimate atmosphere where couples can reconnect and forget the outside world. Spend time together on the private veranda of your cottage suite, taking moonlit dips in your plunge pool. Hang out on the beach together, just to two of you, sipping Pina Coladas and talking about everything and nothing at all. Enjoy a drawn-out, candlelit dinner and take the time to savor every bite. Head to the Asian spa and enjoy a Balinese couples massage, leaving blissful and relaxed. You will have no one to focus on but each other.

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