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Photo courtesy: Grenada Board of Tourism

Grenada’s Best Beaches

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With over 45 beautiful beaches dotting the exterior of Grenada, our Caribbean island is a beach-lovers paradise. In Grenada, all beaches are public as long as they are accessible without having to pass through private land. It would be impossible to enjoy them all in one trip, so we have narrowed the … Read More

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An Active Escape in Grenada

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By the time February hits, many not lucky enough to call the Caribbean home are over winter. Those that enjoy staying active (or that are sticking to their New Year’s resolutions!) have had their fill of going to the gym just to get a sweat on. They are ready for some fresh air … Read More

Photo courtesy: Grenada Sailing Week

It’s Time for Sailing in Grenada

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Winter is a wonderful time of year to visit Grenada. Not only do you get to escape the blustery cold of home, but you can participate in—as a competitor or as a spectator—one of the many sailing events in the region. Below are what are coming up soon: Grenada Workboat Regatta Held on Saturday, … Read More

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Traveling to Grenada Keeps Getting Easier

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A tropical oasis in the Caribbean Sea, Grenada is a must-visit location for in-the-know travelers. Traveling to Grenada is convenient from a number of international locations, and it keeps getting easier every day. Traveling to Grenada from America For US-based travelers, American Airlines services Grenada with daily direct flights from Miami. … Read More

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Laluna Pitches in for National Clean-up Drive

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With its sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and lush tropical flora, Grenada is a truly beautiful island. Of course, it doesn’t stay that way all by itself, and this past weekend was the Grenada National Clean-up Drive. About the drive Spearheaded by the National Disaster Management Agency, the Ministry of … Read More

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A Front Row View of Grenada’s Stunning Sunsets

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Even if you’ve never been to the island, you probably know that Grenada is well-known for its spices, tropical weather, and beautiful beaches. What you may not have heard is that our sunsets are also out-of-this-world spectacular. There are many ways to enjoy a sunset in Grenada; below our some … Read More

photo courtesy: Joshua Yetman

Grenada’s Seasonal Fruit Favorites

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Happy September! For some, the coming fall season means cold-snaps, changing leaves, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Living in a tropical land where the weather is consistently, beautifully warm year round, it means something else. Seasonal fruit favorites! About Grenada’s seasons At 12 degrees north of the equator, Grenada’s temperatures do … Read More


Grenada’s Unique Carnival Celebrations: It’s Time for Spicemas

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With Spicemas—Grenada’s unique version of Carnival—quickly approaching, many visitors are preparing to depart for the island, some for the first time, to take in the colorful festivities. While you may come to Grenada a visitor, taking part in Carnival will leave you feeling like a true islander by the time … Read More

Grenada Carnival

Spicemas: It’s Not Too Late to Plan Your Grenada Carnival Getaway!

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With Grenada’s Spicemas Celebrations set to kick off in just under three weeks, the island is starting to buzz with Carnival excitement. Even though the festival is quickly approaching, there is still time to plan an amazing Carnival getaway! About Spicemas Spicemas—Grenada’s unique take on Caribbean Carnival celebrations—is an exciting, … Read More

Photo courtesy: Josh Yetman

Guys’ Trip: A Grenada Bachelor Party Weekend

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When you hear “bachelor party”, the first thing that comes to mind for many is a “Hangover” style weekend, full of debauchery and hazy memories. Many grooms, however, have outgrown that time in their lives and are looking for something a little less toxic, while still getting a once-in-a-lifetime, memorable, … Read More