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Mad Bull Kite

Go Fly a Kite! Grenada’s Easter Tradition

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If you have visited Grenada during the various holidays throughout the year, you may have noticed that we celebrate a little bit differently. For instance, rather than celebrating Halloween with trick-or-treating, many Grenadians pay respect to their passed loved ones on All Saints and All Souls Days; at Christmastime, we … Read More

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Stay & Sail Packages for Your Dream Vacation

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With the wild popularity of the Caribbean, it may be hard to believe that there are still hidden gems waiting to be discovered. A vacation to Grenada gives guests access to off-the-radar places that are untouched by tourism: the Grenadine Islands. To give travelers the chance to experience these beautiful … Read More


Crayfish Bay Chocolate + Laluna Resort

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While you may know Grenada as the Isle of Spice for our nutmeg production, that isn’t our only agricultural export. As a volcanic island, Grenada is a very fertile island for agriculture, which has made the quality of its cocoa products superior, with its cocoa beans sought after around the … Read More

Parang Festival

A Hop, Skip, and Jump Away: The Carriacou Parang Festival

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A short 15 minute flight or 90 minute ferry ride away, the island of Carriacou is an easy-to-reach destination that many travelers to Grenada enjoy taking in. Some visitors make a day trip of it with the quick flight, while others choose to spend the night and explore the island … Read More


Grenadian Art Gains International Exposure

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While the island of Grenada may best be known for its beautiful beaches, it is recently gaining acclaim among art appreciators. Internationally and locally, the island art scene is expanding, and there are many ways you can become involved. Art Appreciation in Grenada The Grenada Contemporary Exhibit is continuing to … Read More


reachwithin #RunForGrenada2016

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If you’ve ever dreamed of running a distance event in a paradise, now is your chance. reachwithin, a local group whose goal is “to improve the quality of life of children and teens who have experienced adversity by helping to improve their health and well-being through youth life skills building … Read More

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A Magical Excursion – Visit the Leatherback Laying Ground

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It’s a tradition that goes back to the beginning of their time: leatherback turtles visiting the beaches of Grenada to lay their eggs. Under the moonlight of the clear Caribbean sky, you can have the chance to witness this magical event on a secluded beach. Where to See the Turtles Laying … Read More

Grenada Chocolate

Tasty Times at the Grenada Chocolate Festival

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While Grenada may be known as the “Spice Isle”, we are also gaining notoriety on the international scale for our top-notch chocolate production. With cocoa trees dotting the hillsides of the island, it’s no surprise that tree-to-bar operations have taken off and that islanders are finding ways to share this … Read More

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Competition on the Caribbean Sea

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While you would never know it by the thermometer, winter has arrived in Grenada, and with winter comes the annual nautical competitions. The competitions on the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean are ones that we look forward to year-round, and sailors come from world-wide to compete. Whether you are in … Read More

Grenada St George's Carenage

Enjoying the Sounds of Grenada at the Pure Grenada Music Festival

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Anywhere you go in Grenada, by just closing your eyes and letting the local sounds wash over you, you know you’re in the Caribbean. Aside from the sound of the chirping birds, splashing ocean, and friendly local accents, the music is a dead giveaway. We love music on the Spice … Read More