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Crayfish Bay Chocolate + Laluna Resort

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While you may know Grenada as the Isle of Spice for our nutmeg production, that isn’t our only agricultural export. As a volcanic island, Grenada is a very fertile island for agriculture, which has made the quality of its cocoa products superior, with its cocoa beans sought after around the … Read More

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Pastificio Artigianale Pastas at Laluna

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The food served at Laluna is very personal to us. Laluna’s owner Bernardo Bertucci is from Calabria in Italy, and every year, he and his wife, Wendy Bertucci travel through the region looking for new ideas and treats to offer Laluna guests in Grenada. This year, they discovered a brand … Read More

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Perfect Pairings: The Laluna Wine List

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An advantage to staying at a boutique property with owners who are passionate about sharing their unique vision with every guest is that each element, from the linens on the beds to the products used in the spa to the ingredients sourced for the restaurant, is carefully selected with a purpose. … Read More

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At the Laluna Table: Sustainable Eating

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At Laluna, we pride ourselves on providing our guests with delicious, quality foods. Keeping with our Italian-Caribbean blend, we do import key ingredients, such as pasta, wine, and Parmesan, from Italy; however, many others are obtained locally and sustainably. How do we do it? Staying in-season In Grenada, there is … Read More

Spiny Lobster

Lobster Season has Arrived in Grenada!

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A very special time of year has arrived in Grenada: Spiny Lobster Season! In order to reduce overfishing, the spiny lobster of the Caribbean is only available in months including the letter “r” (that is, September through April). If you are visiting Grenada while it is available, it is a … Read More

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Grenada: A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise

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When many think of Grenada, they think of Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Cloves. We are, after all, the “Isle of Spice”. However, in addition to the fragrant spice trade, Grenada is also home to a burgeoning chocolate industry. Grenada’s chocolate tradition Founded in 1999, the small-batch Grenada Chocolate Company produces high … Read More

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Something for Everyone: Laluna’s Updated Menu

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Laluna Resort has always put a focus on health and wellness. Our beachfront yoga pavilion, Asian spa, and organic garden create a sanctuary for mind, body, and spirit. We recognize that each guest is different, and with that in mind, we recently updated our restaurant menu to cater to a … Read More

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Christmas Cuisine in Grenada for Foodies

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While Grenadian cuisine is delicious year-round, the holiday season is a great time for foodies to experience our island flavor. From local recipes to traditional meals, food plays a major part in Laluna’s holiday traditions. Sorrel Sorrel, a member of the hibiscus family, grows well in Grenada. The fragrant flowers start showing … Read More

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The Perfect Thanksgiving at Laluna

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Even when on vacation, visitors to Grenada can take part in their favorite holiday traditions, all while making new holiday memories. After one Thanksgiving at Laluna, you may want to spend all of the ones to come in Grenada! The Perfect Thanksgiving While your neighbors and friends at home are … Read More

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Laluna’s Grenada Top Five: Taste of the Island

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Some travelers dream about relaxing by the beach; there are those that want to get out and see the sights; others prefer to focus on getting a true taste of island life through the sampling of local cuisine. With our locally grown produce, fresh-caught seafood, and having attracted fantastic chefs … Read More