Capturing Your Grenada Destination Wedding

While photography is an essential part of any wedding, it is especially important for a destination wedding. As destination weddings usually have much smaller guest lists, and with the likelihood of some invited guests being unable to attend, photographs are the best way for loved ones to experience the event. With this in mind, it is essential for those planning a destination wedding in Grenada to pay special attention to wedding photography.

Destination Wedding

Photo credit: Joshua Yetman

Selecting the Photographer

Because Laluna specializes in destination weddings, we offer photography as a part of our destination wedding package. This allows our guests inside-access to the best photographers on the island, without having to go through a rigorous research and vetting process. Our wedding planning experts will be happy to communicate any special desires you have directly to the photographer to ensure you get every image you want of your special day.

Relaxing at the Spa

Making a Photography Checklist

It is helpful to make the list of moments you want captured throughout the day. By compiling a list of the photographs you want to be sure to have, there will be less stress on the wedding day. If you have prepared a list, all you need to do is give it to Laluna’s wedding planner, and she will make it her mission to ensure that every shot is taken. If you’re having trouble coming up with your list, here are some shots that we recommend:


Be sure to capture all of the moments leading up to the ceremony. Pictures of the bride or groom getting words of wisdom from family members, getting a boutonniere pinned on by the best man, or receiving help from the bridal party to lace up the wedding dress are standby favorites. When preparing for a wedding at Laluna, some of our brides like to enjoy a side-by-side massage with their maid of honor, followed by a manicure and pedicure. Others prefer to take in a group yoga class with their whole entourage before getting ready. Grooms often enjoy a walk of the resort’s beautiful grounds, or heading out on a standup paddleboard for a chance to center. Whatever your prep style is, be sure your dedicated wedding planner knows your plans in advance so that they can make sure the photographer captures a few shots.

Beach Yoga

Breaking Tradition?

Will the groom see the bride before the big moment? The look on the groom’s face the first time he sees his bride is priceless; if you will be meeting up before the ceremony, the Laluna wedding planner will make sure that the photographer is on hand to capture it.

The Ceremony

Having a photographer familiar with the ceremony location is a big help. This way, they know where to set up  their tripod to get the best vantage point during the ceremony, and where to stand when the big kiss happens. Otherwise, you may end up with nothing but pictures of the back of your heads (and the officiant’s face). Be sure to communicate with your wedding planner about the kind of images that are important to you. Some couples want the image of the bride walking down the aisle, others want the groom’s reaction, and others still are want to be sure that all guests are included.

Flower Girl

Photo credit: Derek Pickell

After the Ceremony

The time between the ceremony and reception, or during the cocktail hour, is a fantastic time to get photographs with guests. If you didn’t get any photos in with your new spouse before the ceremony, this is the time to do it. Ask Laluna’s wedding planner for their input as to the best places to capture photos of you. They may have something fabulous in mind that you never would have thought of! At Laluna, we recommend getting photos on our beautiful beach, in our lush organic garden, or lounging in a Balinese daybed.

At the Reception

Let your wedding planner know who will be making toasts, when the cake will be cut, and the bouquet will be tossed. If you have any unique traditions that you want to make sure to have caught on film, be sure to let them know about it in advance so that the photographer is not off taking shots of the sunset while it happens.

Trash the dress?

After all the time spent picking the perfect gown, many brides now choose to be photographed in it more than once in a “trash the dress” session. Occurring after the wedding, it’s a chance for the bride and groom to dress up again and get creative without having to worry about getting a little dirty. When getting married on an island like Grenada, the options are nearly limitless. Whether you’d like to stand under a waterfall, jump off a pier, feed a monkey or sail in a yacht, these sessions are a chance to capture the unique personality of the bride and groom, as well as the island. Our concierge services can help arrange any outing you desire.

Walking the beach at your destination wedding

Getting Your Pictures

Be sure that you  wedding photographer has up-to-date physical, and email, addresses for you. As you will likely be back home when the edited images become available, the photographer may choose to deliver electronic versions via email or digital drop box. Laluna’s wedding package includes the photographer, a 25 picture album, and a cd of all the photos.