A True Cultural Experience at the Carriacou Maroon Festival

All about thanksgiving and prayer to the source of life, production, and prosperity, maroon culture is celebrated during the Carriacou Maroon Festival April 26th – 28th. With roots in Africa, Carriacou’s maroon traditions are passed on through drumming, singing, eating of “smoke food”, and other rituals practiced in a unique way by its people.

Carriacou Maroon Festival

About the festival
The three-day, three venue festival gives visitors the chance to sample traditional smoked food, enjoy performances from various Caribbean islands, and enjoy an evening of fun, games, and entertainment. Merging maroon celebration with string band music, the Carriacou Maroon Festival brings this vibrant culture to life. With the vibrations of the heavy drumming and the sweet sounds of string music, it is nearly impossible for attendees to keep from dancing.

Drumming at the Festival

 The party starts off April 26th at the village of Six Roads, a natural home setting of maroon. This first location gives vistors to experience the rituals, drums, song and dance, as well as eat and share in the ancestral meal of “smoke food”. On the 27th, the festival moves to the historical setting of Belair Heritage Park, which is the home of Carriacou’s social and cultural activities. The day begins with presentations of a big drum nation dance, quadrille dances, Shakespeare Mas and other cultural art forms by both local and regional groups. Then, a two hour string band concert kicks off featuring bands from Carriacou, Grenada, Suriname, Venezuela and more. The final day is held at Paradise beach, where an entire evening of pure, untamed and pulsating string band music is put on. Of course the music is only half the fun of the day, the other being the cuisine; the day’s food will consists of a varied menu of tasty seafood. Performances will begin at 2pm and end at 10pm, after which an after party will be held at the  Coconut Bar.

Carriacou String Band Concert

About the island
A sister island to Grenada, Carriacou is known as the Land of Reefs. Only 13 square miles and with a population of approximately 8,000 people, Carriacou is one of the most unspoilt islands in the Caribbean, if not the world. Carriacou’s locals are warm, welcoming, and willing to please. The people of Carriacou are considered keepers of ancient traditions, historic folklore, and spiritual beliefs originating in African, European and indigenously Grenadian legends.

Travel to Carriacou
Only a quick trip from mainland Grenada by either air or boat, Laluna’s Concierge Services will be happy to assist in arranging travel to Carriacou for the festival. Guests can choose between local airline SVG Air and the ferry boat Osprey, both of which make daily trips between Carriacou and Grenada with ease. For those wishing to turn a weekend trip into an at-sea journey, ask the Concierge about chartering a yacht and sailing to Carriacou. Depending on the guest’s skill level, either crewed boats or unmanned are available. For guests wishing to spend a night or two on the island, Laluna’s Concierge can assist in finding lodging.