A Scenic Day at Grenada’s Grand Anse Beach

Recently named one of the top-ten beaches in the Caribbean by Caribbean Journal, the picture-perfect views from Grenada’s Grand Anse Beach could not be more beautiful. The two-mile stretch of sandy shores offer visitors to the island the chance to catch a banana boat ride, soak up some sun, take in the local scenery, and relax – all in one location. For an action-packed beach day, the shores of Grand Anse Beach are mere minutes from Laluna Resort.

Grand Anse Beach

Image source: GrenadaGrenadines.com

Best time to visit

Grand Anse is located near some of the popular cruising ports and docks, so going during the week may be the best time to secure a more secluded spot. If travelers prefer people watching, Grand Anse can be lively on weekends, full of tourists and locals alike.

Top beauty points of  Grand Anse

For prime time in the sun, the open sand near the ocean is a wonderful spot to get a little bronzed and have easy water access. For those trying to stave off sunburn, twisting sea grape trees grow at the edge of the beach; when ripe, you may see locals snacking on the tasty berries the trees provide. that provide shade for those trying to stave off sunburn. The waves tend to be gentle enough for travelers of all ages to go for a swim or splash around in the surf. Sunset is when Grand Anse Beach truly shines, as it offers an idyllic backdrop for a romantic walk along the gorgeous coastline of Grenada.

Grand Anse Beach Grenada

Image source: GrenadaExplorer.com

Things to do and see

Wade-in snorkeling is a must-do activity along this beach, as the water is crystal clear and usually very warm. Many like to jog on the sand or use the space to practice their yoga moves – perhaps incorporating what they’ve learned in sessions at Laluna Resort.

Many beach goers like to set up on the beach in front of a restaurant and bar called Umbrella’s, making it easy to grab a quick burger or mixed drink to take down to the beach. A little further down the beach is Coconut Beach Restaurant and Bar, whose beautiful on-the-beach location and delicious Creole-Caribbean fare has been known to inspire visitors to the island to move permanently. Wherever you decide to settle, comfortable beach chairs are available to rent from local entrepreneurs, or simply bring a towel and enjoy laying on the smooth sand.

Located near a shopping hub, visitors to Grand Anse Beach can take a break from the sun and head into Spiceland Mall for smoothies and shopping. With shops featuring artwork by local artists, book stores, and jewelry and clothing store, Spiceland Mall is a perfect place to pick up Grenada gifts for those at home. The local vendor’s market is also within walking distance from the beach, and is the perfect location to pick up some handcrafted souvenirs to bring home.